Well, 2020 has finally come to an end. What can I say, other than “thank goodness!”

2021 is starting with continued challenges for most in the events industry, but we are ready to support anyone who requires Live Simultaneous Interpretation, Live Consecutive Interpretation, Live Conference Interpretation, Face to Face Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Hire, as well as Translation Services, Video Conference Interpretation, Interpreted Telephone Calls and any other language related challenge you might have.

Live Simultaneous Interpretation

We have a fantastic team of highly experienced Simultaneous / Conference Interpreters, most of whom have experience at the highest level of UN and Governments work. We also own our own simultaneous interpretation equipment, which is modern latest tech, maintained to the highest standard. By being able to offer the interpreters AND equipment without having to go to a third party with the inevitable mark-ups that would create, we can offer package deals that are very hard to beat.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Hire

We have a comprehensive range of the best interpreter’s booths, IR transmitters and receivers, headsets, Push-to-talk microphones, recording equipment, HD remote cameras, PA systems, radio mics, Silent Conferencing equipment and headsets, etc. We can also seamlessly link the interpreting of a live event to video conferencing platforms, so that overseas delegates can still attend “virtually”. What ever your language related challenge, we have a solution!

So, Happy New Year! 2021…bring it on, we are ready!