What a year!

This has been a very challenging year for business but we have taken advantage of the enforced restrictions and changing working conditions to adapt and improve our range of language related services.

Simultaneous Interpretation for standard video conference platforms, such as Zoom or Teams.

Normally, when using platforms such as Zoom or Teams and you need to use an interpreter, this has to be done using consecutive interpretation, where a person speaks, then waits for the interpreter to interpret, before carrying on. This breaks the flow of the meeting and obviously also increases the time taken to conclude the meeting. We can now provide simultaneous interpretation for these meetings by controlling the interpreters remotely from actual meeting itself, then providing a separate audio feed to each person in their own language. This vastly improves the flow of the meeting, reduces confusion, increases clarity and hugely speeds up the whole process.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Hire

Although the MICE industry is locked down at the moment, we have taken the opportunity to completely refresh, refurbish or renew all of our simultaneous interpretation equipment, including interpreter’s booths, IR transmitters, receivers, headsets, silent conferencing equipment, push-to-talk microphones, recording equipment, remote HD cameras and all associated control equipment. So, when “real life” events start to happen again and language support is required, we will be ready!

The very best Simultaneous Interpreters and Consecutive Interpreters

We pride ourselves on having a fantastic team of Simultaneous Interpreters and Consecutive Interpreters, with vast experience of conference interpreting and virtual interpreting. They have been kept busy with virtual interpreting assignments but can’t wait to get back to meeting real people!


We have added to our portfolio of experienced translators from around the world and are now confident we can provide perfect localised translation of virtually any language or dialect.

Interpretation Call Centre

Our Call Centre provides you with telephone and video conference interpreters at great rates and short notice. Contact us for more information and to register.

So, 2020…a year to forget, but a time which has seen us continue to grow and improve our services and support. Roll on 2021, we are ready for you!

Our most sincere condolences to anybody who has lost someone due to this terrible pandemic and our best wishes to anyone who is in recovery.

To everyone else, please stay safe and healthy!