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Interpretation | The Spoken Word

What you are heard to say is what defines you. Your statements are your image, and perception is everything.

At Languages International we are meticulous in selecting the right linguists from every corner of the planet. They are experts in cultural relationships who will portray your message and deliver your understanding.

We have provided conference interpreting services across the globe, supporting the highest profile fraud cases in Munich to international conferences on climate change in Morocco. Whatever your business, we know that you need to be clearly understood.

Our linguistic staff comprise experienced pairs and teams, who work together and integrate seamlessly with your vision and objectives. Most of all, they are a human resource for you to work in true partnership with, and to utterly rely on, providing a high conference interpreting service.

TERREX Event Translation

Our interpreters can offer over 300 different language combinations

Translation | The Written Word

What is written is indelible, documentation is often the basis of how we are judged, therefore right-first-time must be a key focus and a prerequisite.

Utilising a core of highly skilled translators from our overall resource of nearly 14,000 linguists worldwide, we ensure that your written projects are transposed into target languages, and in the best way to transcend cultures.

Our objective is to make your written documents and online collateral clearly understood, without risk, and through a confidence in any industry or terminology.

Working independently or integrated with your marketing team, we will always be prompt, accurate and best-value.

Conference and Event Interpreting

Providing interpreting services is our passion. We have an extensive portfolio of interpreters, and our equipment hire can support any event in London, across the UK and Western Europe, or indeed anywhere in the world!

The teams of linguists we assign can provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services.

Consecutive interpreting is a “relay” exchange suited to one-to-one meetings or smaller networking events, and simultaneous interpreting is the synchronised listening in one language and speaking in another. Event interpreting is usually simultaneous, and done from soundproof booths with a view of the speaker or remotely with the aid of a visual feed.  Listening to the speaker over headphones, the linguist will interpret from one language to another into a microphone. This is a skilled profession which requires a high level of technical competence. Languages International provide technicians to setup and manage the interpreting elements of each event. Our technicians ensure seamless communication of your message, to the satisfaction of your delegates.”

Interpreting Equipment

We realise that no matter how skilful the interpreters are, their success depends on the quality and reliability of the technology used to support them. Languages International only use UN approved interpreter’s booths and the very best equipment which is thoroughly checked and tested before every job.
Our on-site technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable, ensuring that no matter what, the interpreters and audience alike receive the message faultlessly.
We provide a comprehensive range of fully equipped interpreter’s booths, microphones, receivers, InfraRed transmitters, push-to talk microphones, HD cameras, recording equipment, tour guide systems, PA systems, radio mics, and other Audio-Visual systems to cover any requirement for meetings and events from 2-2,000 people.
All of our equipment is available for hire over any period, with full support from our extensive and knowledgeable team. Our mission is to give you the perfect solution to meet your objectives and your budget!”

Conference and Event Translation Languages International

Conference and event interpreting services.

Project managed from start to finish!

Technology and Innovation

Since 2013 we have been innovating and delivering industry changing technologies and methods from the Americas to the Middle East, through key distributorship agreements.

The Languages International portfolio boasts interpreting conference booths, both fixed and the new portable booth that we manufacture. We offer a comprehensive range of wired and wireless communications, infra-red and UHF.

We also own and operate both telephone and video-based conferencing systems, to deliver an excellent virtual service wherever in-person support isn’t viable, and this includes dedicated tablets and purpose-made phones.

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Languages International Interpreting Services

At Languages International, we offer the very best conference interpreting and event-based language support worldwide. Additionally we provide the highest quality conference equipment operated by a skilled on-site technician.


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