The UK has done a fantastic job distributing and administering the Covid vaccine in all its forms. Consequently, despite a few glitches and new strains appearing on the scene, we do appear to be on the road to recovery.

And this means the return of live events. Hooray! We have been keeping busy with translation work, telephone interpretation, interpreted video conferences and meetings, but now it is great to be working face-to-face with real people, providing live simultaneous interpretation again.

Obviously, everyone has to be mindful of the on-going Covid risk and observe and adhere to the social distancing, mask wearing and sanitising directives and we are no exception. All our booths, microphones, receivers (any item that comes into public contact) are cleaned and sanitised before each event. Our headsets are sanitised and then sealed in air tight bags. And on top of that, we also provide a set of disposable ear-piece covers with each set that are distributed.

Virtual simultaneous interpretation has proved to be invaluable during the global lockdown and will always have a place in our industry, but you can’t beat real human interaction to deliver an important message and live simultaneous interpretation is absolutely the best way to deliver that when spreading that message across audiences with different mother tongues.

Welcome back, live events. We hope to see you all soon!