The Annual G7 Speakers’ Conference was coming to the UK for the first time since 2017.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker of the House of Commons, took the event to Lancashire for the first time, showcasing his home town constituency of Chorley.

After the long Covid drought, we were delighted to be chosen to provide the Simultaneous Interpreting, document translation, video transcribing, simultaneous interpreting equipment and technical support for this prestigious event.

First on the agenda was translation. The translation of all the documentation required for the event, from English, to French, Italian, German and Japanese. Our translators and proof readers were fast and efficient, turning around most documents within 2-3 working days.

Then there were videos to transcribe, for the benefit of the simultaneous interpreters. Unfortunately, for their own reasons, the German and Japanese delegations were unable to attend. This led to some additional transcribing of videos sent by the German and Japanese Speakers for the remaining simultaneous interpreters and for English subtitling.

We then put together a great team of simultaneous conference interpreters. Each language was represented by a pair of interpreters who have worked together for many years. All were experienced in high level international politics, having much experience in working with NGO’s, the UN and other large multinationals. We created a central OneDrive hub, where all information and documentation could be shared and discussed amongst the team.

As mentioned previously, the German and Japanese delegations announced that they would not be attending, meaning that our German and Japanese simultaneous interpreting pair had to stand down, but we thank them for their co-operation and are sure we will be working together again soon!

The conference was spread over three very different locations and scenarios, providing many challenges in the way interpretation was delivered. Effective communication throughout the event would call upon all forms of interpretation and the use of a full range of simultaneous interpretation technology. (From interpreters’ booths, Infra-Red transmitters and receivers and push-to-talk microphones for the formal round-table meetings, to portable tour-guide systems for the more fluid tours and smaller meetings)

Finally, everything was in place. Translations were complete. Videos were transcribed and subtitled. Simultaneous interpreters were booked and prepared. Simultaneous interpretation equipment and technicians were allocated. Liaison and logistics team prepped and ready to go… part 2 to follow, the event itself.